Monday, June 17, 2013

So I'm a hunch guy. And a severely connected tech nerd.

I build my own computers from scratch, fix all my friends and families systems, network stuff at work, and plug everything in for everyone when they aren't sure how it all works. Not only that, but it seems I have a strange magnetic aura that makes it so that when I touch something tech or gadget wise, it seems to work for me, even when everyone else has tried the same exact thing and gotten nowhere. 

So ya, I'm that guy.

Not only that, I'm also one of the biggest gamer geeks you will ever meet.  Luckily, I suffer from insomnia, because aside from working 2 jobs, owning a rather large and thriving business and raising 4 children along with keeping my gorgeous wife happy, I spend quite a bit of time in the deepest slums of the gaming world. And likely, know more about any of the latest systems and games than most others you may run into.

Technology, robotics, gaming, everything and anything that pushes the boundaries of our current conscious status and the long awaited Singularity towards the same path, draws my attention like a moth to the flame.

I can't help but learn more about it, dig deeper into it, and try and get my friends and siblings into it as well.

Recently, I've been having a very weird experience that has made me switch thought process and virtual 'sides' in a large and up and coming tech war. And due to some feelings and thoughts I've been getting, I'm about to jump ship from my own comfort zone and into deep hot water of the unknown.

Because of this, and the way I've been talking about it, I've been dubbed by a few others "the Gaming Prophet" lol. Ridiculous I know, but ya. Thats kinda where this blog came from.

If your into tech or anything newsworthy in the gaming world, you'll likely find quick concise, and sometimes wall of text versions of all the info that is incoming.  Hope you enjoy.  

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